Please read prior to purchase to ensure safety while using the Catchie

This Product Complies with the Safety Standards of  CPSIA Section 101 Total Lead Screening and 1610 Flammability of Textiles

      • Disclaimer for Catchie Concepts read before purchase and use of product:
      • Use this product only as instructed
      • Use your best judgment while using our product we want to make sure that kids are always safe. This product is not intended for anyone to sit, lay, jump or stand on. This product can hold a max of 1lb. It’s built to withhold and catch small items that a toddler might throw from a car seat such as and not limited to bottles, pacifier, and toys.
      • This product does not guarantee to keep your car clean from any sort of damage caused by the toddler and or anyone else :). This product was invented to help protect the car floor from anything that is thrown forward. We wish we could save all floors of cars from those cute kids!
      • This product is only supposed to be used the way it’s instructed on the instructions. It should not be used in any other way.
      • Children should be supervised at all times with product. We are not liable for any damages and or incidents associated with the Catchie. This is an accessory to help make the car ride a little less messy and a lot less stressful when trying to find those tiny trinkets!
      • Fabric may be subject to dry crocking on leather seats. Always test the fabric on a small area of your cars upholstery before use to ensure there is no dry crocking between the two fabrics.

If you have any questions please contact customer care on the contact us page.

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